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Pet World at 2833 Rdg Rd W Ste 25 in Rochester, New York

Pet World is healthcare, which located in New York. They address is 2833 Rdg Rd W Ste 25.
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Phone: +1 585-225-8700


2833 Rdg Rd W Ste 25,
Rochester, New York
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Customer Reviews about Pet World

  • I was unaware of this store until an acquaintance informed me of this place being the best resource for 'Live Rock.' I visited twice in one day, the first visit was to purchase Live Rock for a saltwater tank. I thought that spending close to $100.00 on a rock for my fish tank was insane, that is until I compared their price with other stores in the area. I realized that I had, in fact, saved close to $100.00, and I also was fortunate enough to gain several hitchhikers through my purchase. Anyways, this place is busy, and the wait is not due to lack of staff. While I was inside this business, I watched approximately twenty people enter and exit the store. And, out of those twenty people, a majority of them made substantial purchases. The aforementioned information is always something I quietly examine, because going to a new (new for me) business and watching an abundance of people enter and leave without making a purchase is troubling. I then made a second trip to this store after bringing home my new rock and placing it into my tank. I took my time to browse the store, and learned that they have small mammals, a bird room - several species, reptile and amphibians, and perhaps other animals. There is a wide range of products at this store, and what's crazy is that this store's prices are cheaper than online prices. Yeah... I am still shocked by that. I purchased more Live Rock, though a much smaller quantity for a new tank that I cycled; Live Reef Sand, which is just amazing; and a saltwater test kit, which tests the four most important compounds within a tank - Ammonia, pH, Nitrates, and Nitrites. I realized that, despite going at a much later time, the store was even busier than it was during my initial visit. Seeing such an active location is the most important aspect of a business, in my experience. It lets me know that customers appreciate the business for what it is, what it offers, and how it runs. I will be revisiting the store tomorrow to purchase more items, and I think that, if I am able to find my pet supplies there, then I will make it my majority shopping store. I use specialty bedding for my chinchillas and degus, and use special, organic foods and treats. And, a majority of what I use for my many animals is simply difficult to obtain in person, so I currently purchase my items from approximately five to seven online retailers. Very few businesses carry some of what I buy, and therefore, I am essentially forced to separate my many purchases across several different businesses, which is both time consuming and somewhat of an annoyance. But, like all most other pet parents out there, I would do anything and everything to keep my little fur babies healthy, happy, and most importantly----Alive! haha. Thanks for a great experience, Pet World!!!
    November 21, 2017
    by Niko Sleeis
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Pet World is located at 2833 Rdg Rd W Ste 25, Rochester, New York.